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If Noé was brought up to our Ark, it was not to save him from the Flood, nor to save animal species, but because we think we have detected the beast of race that hides behind this innocent smile. Without a doubt, the youngest of the Team, the last and youngest recruit to have embarked on our ship, has the potential to trigger storm warnings in the peloton. Whether in trail or ski mountaineering. Two disciplines that he practices with high-level aspirations.

Meeting with Noé Rogier, only 17 candles but a few more VMA points.

Team Matryx - NOÉ ROGIER


In the steep

🎤 What is your assessment of this past 2019 season?

This summer, for my last year in the “Cadet” category, I really wanted to be more rigorous in training and more selective in my calendar, even if it meant pinning fewer bibs, to get in shape on D-Day. A rather winning choice since I finished second at the YCC, the declination for “children” of the UTMB, and first overall, with the grown-ups, at the “Trail de la Rosière”. The winter of 2018-2019 was in the same line for my discovery of ski mountaineering in competition since I became triple champion of France “Cadets” and participated in my first World Championships in Switzerland.

🎤 Can you tell us about your best memory of 2019?

I have lots of memories jostling, my head is filled with great moments spent in the mountains …

If I had to choose only one, it would be last week in Chamonix, at the end of August, during the UTMB.

For the atmosphere, the magic around the event. Both as a runner and as a spectator.

🎤 What are your ambitions for the 2020 season to come?

More than actual results, my goal is to continue to have fun both in training and in races, to make great outings in the mountains … I am in my first year Junior, I will be competing with runners who are 2 years older than me.

The idea is therefore to continue to learn, progress and gain experience.

By putting in particular bibs on the French Championships in mountain running or on the various trials of the Young Trail Challenge (Challenge reserved for young people and bringing together the most beautiful trials in the Cadet / Junior / Hope categories).

🎤 At 17, you join the Team with the youngest status of the team. What motivated you to join this collective? What are your first impressions after the preseason internship?

The Team represented for me a little “ideal” as well in the values ​​that it could convey, the performances that its athletes achieved and the atmosphere that emanated from it.

It felt like a group of friends, made up entirely of young people who shared the same passion.

And my first weeks in the Team confirmed the image I had of it from the outside. The atmosphere is very cool while being rigorous. I have the feeling of tending towards a kind of balance between my practice of sport and the extras, my studies … In fact, the ingredients are there to flourish while remaining serious. I already took lots of tips and advice during the preseason internship!

Team Matryx - NOÉ ROGIER


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