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French Ski mountaineering Team

He was already the “Geo-Trouvetou” of the Team, here he is now elevated to the rank of Geographer.

At 22, Baptiste Ellmenreich, an engineer by training, denotes his audacity and creativity. He never poses any boundaries, whether in his will to undertake, his desire to go around the world or his sporting ambitions. Whoever created his brand of minimalist and eco-responsible headlamps, made from recycled products in his garage, took advantage of this year 2019 to run the world map. In China and Austria, to honor their selections in the French ski mountaineering team; in England, for 2 months, as part of a university internship. He discovered a new discipline, fell running, a local specialty during which he was able to take revenge for a start to the season truncated by minor injuries by hitting two or three shots of Trafalgar on his Majesty’s runners.

A few months and two top 5 ski mountaineering World Cups later, launching 2020 with a winter under the best auspices, our Géo-Trouvetou is back strongly.

And not to play in a Disney or read comics.

Team Matryx - Baptiste ELLMENREICH


In the steep

🎤 What is your assessment of this past 2019 season?

A mixed record. It was a year very rich in discoveries and trips, a little less in results. This is due to small problems at the start and mid-season. On the other hand, it allowed me to work on aspects hitherto unknown to me, including strength on a bike. So I have no regrets, especially since the sensations returned at the end of summer, with satisfactory performances in the midst of international runners in England, and on the little Trail of the Red Needles, next to my home, in the Needles Red.

🎤 Can you tell us about your best memory of 2019?

I have two. Both related to travel.

First in China, where I discovered a new culture and very high altitude, around competition, in the company of friends from Spain, Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, United States … Then in England , with my introduction to fell-running, a typical discipline halfway between trail running and orienteering. You leave equipped with a map, a compass, the compulsory survival equipment with the objective of joining the checkpoints as quickly as possible, taking the paths you want.

🎤What role did the Team play in this season?

The Team is like a family made up of very good friends. They are also partners with values ​​very close to mine and a golden frame with a coach who ensures optimal follow-up.

We try to get closer to the performance approach of professional sport while retaining the passion and detachment from amateur sport.

I am proud to wear these colors.

🎤 What are your ambitions for the 2020 season to come?

I want to do my best, keeping in one corner of my head an essential concept: pleasure!

I am convinced that by continuing to work and progress in a linear fashion, the results will come.

More concretely, I hope to appear on the Pierra Menta EDF Summer and achieve great performances on three international races: the Dolomythsrun Skyrace; Sierre-Zinal, the event that has made me dream since childhood; and the Ring of Steal, on my technical, abrupt and abrasive playground of last year, in England.

🎤 How to reconcile two high-level seasons, in winter with ski mountaineering and in summer with trail running, at the same time as a business and a university course?

The secret is love for the mountains!

A speech that may seem blue flower but it is really what I feel. The passion and pleasure felt are the ingredients that fuel my dreams and my motivation on a daily basis. Combining the two sports is also the certainty of arriving with a certain freshness at the dawn of the two seasons: at the end of winter, putting on the sneakers itches; in fall, i miss the snow…

Team Matryx - Baptiste ELLMENREICH


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