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World Mountain Running Champion Team 2019

Vice-Champion of European Mountain Race 2018

Trail running is an individual discipline, of course, but our ambition is to make it a collective sport.

And as in any collective sport, you need a captain. A captain who leads by example, sets the course and embodies our values. A captain capable of haranguing but above all inspiring his troops. A captain legitimate by his level of performance and his experience.

With us, this captain is a woman.

A little piece of woman. Not very big, rather thin, but which runs awfully fast: Anaïs Sabrié. The 25-year-old medical student in southern Germany never misses an opportunity to return to the Alps to advise and attack when boys purr in training. The original “Lyonnaise” returns just as regularly to hum the “Marseillaise” and garnish its already substantial track record with stratospheric performances. In 2019, Anais added several lines to this one: a title of French Champion in mountain running, a title of World Champion by team (7th in individual) as well as the French record on the legendary event of Sierre-Zinal .

Meet the one who runs with the Team’s armband around her arm.

Team Matryx - Anaïs  SABRIÉ


In the steep

🎤 What is your assessment of this past 2019 season?

It’s never easy to do your own balance sheet but overall, I’m quite satisfied!

In competition, I experienced few disappointments, some frustrations, nice surprises and above all superb races. I learned a lot, especially on aspects hitherto unknown to me: new racing formats; responding presents D-Day, assuming favorite status; and extend my season in length, from February to November … All accompanied by people who are dear to me, with whom I shared great human adventures.

🎤 Can you tell us about your best memory of 2019?

When it is added to the word memory, the adjective “better” can take different meanings … From 2019, I keep a better memory in terms of sporting performance, but also another concerning sharing, atmosphere, landscapes, l outcome …

After, if I had to keep only one, it would be my title of French mountain running champion, in Saint-Gervais, in June!

This result I had prepared, I had dreamed of, but still had to achieve it. From the start, on a dry climb, I felt very determined, with great legs. Then, 3 kilometers from the finish, when I was tipping over a long descending false flat, I drew on my visualization work from the previous day. I said to myself: “If you come out on top at this place, the Marseillaise will be for you …”. That’s what happened. In front of two girls whom I adore and admire. Which gives an even more particular flavor to this title.

🎤 Did the Team play a role in this successful season?

Yes ! This Team is indescribable. We are coached, supported in good and bad times, supported on a daily basis and on the races …

It’s a bunch of friends, each more passionate than the other,

with whom we mix the practices of mountain sports, we exchange, we discuss, we debate, we cook, we share croziflettes, we travel, we laugh, again and again … I am proud to wear the colors of this team where everyone brings its stone to the building, unpretentious, as it is, with its qualities and its defects.

🎤 What are your ambitions for the 2020 season to come?

My goal at the start of the season, which is quite unique, is to face the legendary marathon event and establish my first time on this reference distance. If not, I hope to progress on these more precise technical points which are the descents, the nutrition on the longer races and the fact of not losing all my means as soon as it starts to rain …

🎤 You are a very versatile athlete, who defends a very multidisciplinary approach to running … What motivates this somewhat “touch everything” trend? And what will be your concrete goal on the marathon?

I like to run from discipline to discipline for two main reasons:

first, never get tired, never get bored;

then take the specific qualities of each sport to transfer them and progress as an ever more complete athlete. Afterwards, a common basis remains between all of these sports: it’s about running as fast and as long as possible! It’s not like I tried fencing or badminton… Finally, for the marathon, a first lap on the distance between 2:35 am and 2:40 am would be enough!

Team Matryx - Anaïs  SABRIÉ


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