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Ladies First. And more particularly to the youngest of our two Funny Ladies: Lucille Germain.

Funny, delicate and smiling yes! Except when she puts on her sneakers!

There, it no longer makes anyone laugh. Especially not those who try to follow it.

The one we nicknamed the “Bonbon des Vosges” last year has become, after a season as magnificent as it is surprising, our “Ricola” from the Alps. French Champion “Espoir” category for trail running and mountain running, Trail running vice- French champion among the big and finally, gold medalist at the World Championships in mountain running, with a team title, for her first under the tricolor swimsuit … In 2019, Lucille went from sweets to sweets as if her indulgence had only one limit: that of our stock of dark chocolate, of which we had promised her a tablet (90%, for the job) at the exit of each successful service.

Interview with our Funny Lady, not Charlie’s. Or that of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Team Matryx - Lucille  GERMAIN


In the steep

🎤 What is your assessment of this past 2019 season?

More than positive results, with results that I never would have dared to hope for at the start of the season. I am proud and happy.

Punctuating your first real year of trail running with the French jersey on your shoulders and a gold medal around your neck, this is not for everyone …

I was very apprehensive this season because I wanted to prove that I had my place on the Team. In the end, everything went well. I’ve had some tough races but no real disappointment. I take this opportunity and savor it because I know that the hard part is yet to come: we will have to confirm!

🎤 Can you tell us about your best memory of 2019?

There are two between which I cannot decide.

The first is the last 500 meters before crossing the finish line in 2nd position, at the Trail Running French Championships in Méribel. A steep climb where you had to split a crowd that never ceased to encourage me. I still remember the words of my Team Manager who shouted at me: “Enjoy Lulu, enjoy! ”

The second is when Blandine (L’Hirondel) hugs me at the finish of my first 42 km at the World Championships in Argentina. She was waiting to tell me that we were winning the team title. I cried. Tears of exhaustion but above all tears of joy. I watched the video on social media a few days ago. I got chills …

🎤 Did the Team play a role in this successful season?

Yes ! This Team is like my second family. Simon Gosselin, my coach, and Thomas Janichon, the Team Manager, give us the keys to success. But they empower us because it is then up to us to use them to open the doors we want.

We are also all very close-knit, to encourage each other during the sessions and on the roadsides, to use our voice and to ring the bells.

Anaïs Sabrié, my only female teammate on the Team, also knows how to pull me up during intense sessions, she takes me out of my comfort zone, sets me a course, a model and makes me want to push myself. I am proud to wear these colors, proud of my Team, of my friends who compose it and of our values.

🎤 What are your ambitions for the 2020 season to come?

Already, don’t take my head too much!

I know that I will be a little more awaited and that I will therefore have to manage this little extra pressure. The idea is to stay in short formats, up to 30 km, to continue working on my speed qualities, before trying a 42 km at the end of the season. My goal is to keep and confirm my titles of champion of France Espoirs of trail and mountain race, while passing a course on the more “rolling” formats.

🎤 How do we approach the year of confirmation after that of revelation?

I’m going to “try” to approach the coming year like the past one. Without pressure, but not without motivation!

I say “try” because I realize that it will be difficult, that the year of confirmation is often a nice challenge …

I admit that I very much appreciated this status of the girl who came out of nowhere and that nobody knew. Now the expectations have changed, but not my approach. I will continue to run my races, not those of others, and give the best of myself. Keep running so you don’t regret it.

Team Matryx - Lucille  GERMAIN


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