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CESNI (Sport-studies) Chambéry

Ski mountaineering French Team

One of our two recruits of the year 2020.

The last soldier to join our ranks. A talented infantryman who, after a white year due to injury, has only one desire: to put on the Team fatigues, go to battle and make the powder speak. Accustomed to international jousting and the high-level requirement, with several selections under the tricolor banner, whether in ski mountaineering or in mountain running, Johann Baujard, 22, was also recruited in a logic of collective balance. For his passion, because this real little guy, never as comfortable as on technical trails, combines the mountain, at all times: under the sun and under the snow. For his aggressiveness and his rage to conquer also, qualities with which he will be able to multiply the strength of character of the troops. Because our horde sometimes becomes Seventh Company and can be too tender on certain occasions.

Meeting with “Mr. Dré dans l’pentu.”



In the steep

🎤 What is your assessment of this past 2019 season?

Sportingly, it was an almost white year in the sense that I pinned only a few bibs, at the start of the season, without real success. Following this, I was the victim of an inflammation at least tenacious in the knee which forced me to spend my summer, not on the trails, but on my bicycle, to chain the kilometers on the road rather than the bibs in Trail.

However, in terms of learning, it was certainly the richest and most constructive season.

The injury highlighted the fact that my functioning until then was not adapted. In my misfortune, I ended up meeting Thomas Janichon and Simon Gosselin. A real favorite. They put me back on my feet and made me want to be again … So, from now on, I will look at 2019 like this: the year I took 3 steps backwards, I hope to make 50 in before!

🎤 Can you tell us about your best memory of 2019?

He arrived late! In the fall, during my first grouping with the Team.

Even though I already knew some athletes, I discovered a group that suits me, with values ​​and a conception of the sport that I share. We feel that everyone is on the same wavelength, that the good atmosphere prevails naturally. I felt in my place. It marks a new beginning for me!

🎤 What are the reasons that motivated you to join the Team in 2020?

I was completely blown away by the operation and the philosophy advocated by Thomas and Simon.

For them, performance depends above all on a more general development, a general well-being, beyond the simple sporting field. They left me great freedom in the preparation of my race calendar, without any headache, while ensuring millimeter support. In fact, I was convinced that it was the mode of operation that I needed, but I was convinced that it did not exist … So when it fell on me, I could only show myself ultra -enthusiastic. I am now proud to belong to this Team and I can’t wait to wear its colors!

🎤 What are your ambitions for the 2020 season to come?

I built my calendar around participation in international events, some on the Skyrunning circuit, others on the Golden Trail Series. In terms of results, it is difficult to position myself after a full year without competition…

I rather place myself in a logic of progression, with the desire to validate stages serenely before claiming anything.

Afterwards, I keep in the corner of my head the idea of ​​slamming a big perf ’and thus confirm my beautiful result at Limone, 2 years ago.

🎤 What is your state of mind after this season cut short by an injury: revenge, calm, impatience …?

This season, while frustrating, has paradoxically taught me patience. I take a step back now, as if I was driven by the desire to do things well, intelligently, with a long-term logic, the ambition to build sustainable bases …

I’m looking for MY method, the one that suits me, not that of another.

And I’m ready to take the time it takes to find it. I feel less rushed than I have been in the past. Afterwards, I certainly have a little taste for revenge, but not towards my body or the wound. Rather in regard to this frustration. The frustration of being deprived of his passion for many months!



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