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Mountain Running "Junior" French Team 2018

There are two Bohemians. That of Mr. Aznavour. The one that waltzed “at a time that those under twenty cannot know”.

And then there is our Bohemia. Adrien Grataloup.

The one who from the top of his twenties twerks in plowing. Whoever excels no matter the half time, no matter the discipline. With his departures from fire, sneakers at his feet, or around the fire, guitar in hand. The jack-of-all-trades of the Team, the artist of the troupe. As an aspiring architect by training, he builds his seasons by carving out a pretty speed base on cross country before supporting his endurance on raid events, all to shape beautiful perspectives on Trail and mountain running once come summer. A versatility and a thirst for discovery which could be detrimental to him during a first part of the 2019 season below his expectations, until the confirmation of his enormous potential, in August, in Chamonix, on the YCC, Mont Blanc Ultra Trail race – UTMB dedicated to young people.

Meet the best speed of the Team. Often the first, on track sessions or on the dance floor.

Team Matryx - Adrien  GRATALOUP


In the steep

🎤 What is your assessment of this past 2019 season?

It was a season of learning for my first year “Espoir” category and my discovery of the world of the great.

I hit the finger at the high level and have passed many milestones in my practice, whether it be on nutrition, equipment, running, training … A big change. But without ever having the feeling of forcing myself, always with great pleasure. These efforts materialize at the end of the season, at the YCC and the “Course des Volcans” (selection support for the world mountain running championships).

🎤 Can you tell us about your best memory of 2019?

The start of the French Mountain Running Championships in Saint-Gervais last June. Warm up at the foot of Mont-Blanc, meet big names in the discipline and friends who a few minutes later will be competitors … The gathering of a big family, the family of people who love nothing more than running in the mountains…

It’s funny because this great memory is also linked to a small ball on the stomach.

The stress linked to my first Elite race, with the big …

🎤What role did the Team play in this season?

An ultra-important role! Through the Team, I sort of discovered the high level. With a really attentive coach and a team of friends who share the same passion. I also became aware of what it means to benefit from the support of partners who believe in you, people who work in these companies … These are boxes that really correspond to my values.

I am proud to wear their colors.

🎤 What are your ambitions for the 2020 season to come?

Continue my progress, slightly lengthen the competition distances and get in shape on my three main objectives of the season: Cross country French championships, mountain running French championships and Sierre-Zinal. In a corner of my mind, the ambition is to be able to apply for a Hopes podium at the national championships in 2021 for my last year in this category.

🎤 At the beginning of last year, you may have been caught out by a heavy university workload as well as a slight dispersal linked to your desire to practice different sports. What do you plan to put in place in 2020 to avoid this, while remaining efficient and fulfilled in various pleasures?

This year 2019 was really rich in learning, so that I have no regrets.

I played, sometimes I lost, but I always learned, having fun every time.

From this, I made several arrangements for 2020. First, focus my spring and summer seasons only on running. Then, aim for shape peaks calibrated according to the workload related to my architectural studies. I nevertheless reserve the fall to align myself with a few raids, a discipline that I love too much to be able to completely abandon it!

Team Matryx - Adrien  GRATALOUP


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